March 1, 2011

Painting my life

Today, it was time to paint the room for my future godchild! It was so much fun to play with the colors and spend time with my friend preparing everything for her little girl. It will need a second layer of paint, but I will probably show some pictures of the result soon.

I also learned the hard way, why I should get a flickr account. Suddenly, my photo storage on blogger was full. Urg. Hope, I will manage to keep all the photos up and quickly learn all about flickr. Not the best timing for yet another tool to get to know. I have tons to do for my thesis, but well, multitasking is my middle name :)



The outfit pictures were taken after we finished painting. I was surprised that I had no paint in my hair or anywhere else. The sun was so nice on my friend’s balcony that we decided against walking down the 5 floors and back up later (she is pregnant, so she is allowed to be lazy!).


It’s day 27 of the challenge and I feel kind of weird now that it will end soon. I am a bit tired of my 30 pieces and can’t wait to try all my other clothes, but I am afraid I will get a fashion overload the moment I am allowed to use the rest of my closet. I guess, it will be like a culture shock, just a closet shock. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long, fingers crossed!




What I wore (apart from the 30x30 pieces, find these here)

Ring: local store
Slippers: my friends
Lipstick: Nivea Beauté Color Passion Series “Sepia” 


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