September 30, 2012

Sundays are for splurging!

I am not often the girl to splurge on very expensive things when there are totally great cheap versions out there. As a recent graduate, I still tend to think in student budget and try to save money whenever I can. Mr.B and I have been avid coffee lovers. A day without our morning coffee (and breakfast) is no good day. These last months we have been eying those more expensive brands for coffee and also have checked out several Espresso options. While in Aachen and Maastricht, we decided to treat ourselves with a nice pack of  Mestreechter Mix coffee beans by Blanche Dael, the official purveyor to the court of the Netherlands. We bought the fresh beans and added an Espresso maker by Butlers. This weekend, we decided it was time to treat ourselves to a special cup for our Sunday breakfast.


I have inherited a refiner from my grandma and we used that to grind the beans.


I know, the Espresso maker is for special coffee beans and to make Espresso cups, but we bought the big version (6 cups) and decided to try it for regular coffee as well. It worked just fine for us!


Have you ever tried fresh beans or any special brands?


We really liked this coffee and will probably buy special beans for Espresso as well!


Happy Sunday!


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