January 20, 2013

28 before 29 - goals for a woman in her late 20s

I have celebrated my 28th birthday last weekend and managed to organize two different parties, first for some of my closest friends on Saturday and then one for my family on Sunday. The weekend was so stuffed with events, I haven't had time to properly share my 28 before 29 list with you. I have reviewed my list from last year already and it took me quite some time to come up with even one more point for this year. 


I didn't want to add those general New Year's resolutions, but really wanted to make a longterm plan for this upcoming year. It will again be a year full of changes, as Mr.B will finalize his studies and we are still wondering on where he will end up working afterwards. It's all a bit in the open, but I want to use the little freetime that we have together to really experience something new!


First of all, I added the 8 missing points from my old list once again. Those dreams are still in the making and some are actually about to happen in the upcoming weeks.

#01 starting a photography business
#02 doing sports regularly every week
#03 having a date night once a week
#04 visiting a concert with Mr.B
#05 visiting J. in Prague
#06 going Go-Kart driving
#07 visiting the musical "Dance of the Vapires" in Berlin
#08 learning to sew

#09 re-decorating the bedroom
#10 starting to work with Photoshop
#11 working more with my manual camera
#12 expanding the blog, rethinking the purpose with a possible  
    domain change
#13 starting to pre-plan my posts and securing blog rights 
    (watermark, full design)
#14 getting a new wide angle lense
#15 getting more serious about hiking
#16 swimming in the ocean
#17 re-decorating apartment & incorporating Mr.B's things more
#18 getting a scooter - vespa or else
#19 vacation with Mr.B in Finland
#20 starting a Finnish course
#21 continuing dance classes
#22 going out more often, being less of a couch potato
#23 trying out contact lenses
#24 cleaning out my closet and building a new wardrobe of 
    timeless pieces
#25 settling somewhere with Mr.B and planning our future
#26 going on a short trip with my friend S.
#27 game nights and visits to the game museum
#28 trying out something new and scary

I hope to achieve all my goals for the next year and this list will definitely help me to stay focused!


BTW: This was my birthday look during the celebration with my family. The pictures don't do the look justice and I hope to wear it once again soon to show it a bit better.

Sharing this with the FBFF group as my little New Year, new you post. Check out the other contributors!


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