February 19, 2013

A Thrifter's paradise

I love thrift shopping and it seems that the Nordic countries are way ahead of Germany in that matter. Not the only matter they are ahead of us, but I don't want talk about the German education system now.  


I have lived in Finland for almost two years and have enjoyed some summers in the country during the past years. The Hietalahti flea market in Helsinki takes place every Sunday and everybody can rent a selling spot there. When the weather is reasonably good (apart from snow or thunder storms everything counts as good), the people sell their furniture, home decor, clothes and accessories at the market. Most of the sellers don't want to make a fortune and the prices are reasonable. I have made some of my best thrift bargains at this market and I go there at least once every time I visit the country. 


This market also seems quite good for clothes thrifting as each stand gets a hanger for clothes. I prefer looking through clothes on a rack instead of searching though piles and piles of fabric. Displaying it the right way is also key for thrift shopping. I always go there with some ideas in my head, as I would be overwhelmed otherwise, but I never try to focus on my wish list too much. Keep your eyes and mind open for the things that are out there.


Except for the blouse, all thrifted pieces in this look were found at Hakaniemi flea market. The skirt was my first thrifting find ever btw. I found it in 2008. The belt fas a lucky find made in 2010 and that necklace came home with me last summer. Thrifting takes time and patience, but it is worth it.

I have found home decor, clothes, bags, accessories and jewelry at that market and would probably have bought furniture as well, would I have had the space in my suitcase.

Do you have a favorite place for thrift shopping?


Is it just me or do I look way country in this outfit? Well, I felt a bit like it anyways.


What I wore

Skirt, Blouse, Necklace and Belt: Thrifted, Helsinki Fleamarket (except for the blouse)
Tights: Thermo leggins by Esda
Boots: Deichmann
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Glasses: Fielmann
Loop Scarf: Gift by Avène



Oh yes, some flowers given to me by Mr.B - leftovers of our Valentine's Day!



sweetVanilla said...

so so so schön! der Rock vor Allem.. wirklich :)

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