February 13, 2013

DIY - Hallway makeover

I started with a fun crackling paint technique last autumn and have re-worked small pieces in our apartment to give them a shabby chic look. I used this technique to make a key hanger for our hallway. It has been a long process, as I needed a napkin to add as the picture. 


I wanted to enhance the retro chair and pictures next to the hallway mirror and was looking for a picture of a vespa scooter. I finally found it on Ebay and my mom finished the hanger by adding bits and pieces of the napkin picture to the board. 



First, I needed to paint the board a dark tone that would later shine through the cracks. I chose this brown wood paint.



After letting the paint dry, I had to add a thick layer of crackling finish. I let it dry for several days and then added a final layer of old white paint. For this finish a quick hand is needed as the paint drys very fast and otherwise the structure is destroyed. When the white paint is dry, it will crack more and more to have the get the final, used look!



BTW: What do you think about those clothes hangers? Should I paint the boards as well? maybe a lacquered red or turquoise?


Remember this before look of our bedroom? I have also re.modeled the mirror with the same crackling technique. It has been a perfect accessory for my green dresser, but now that I have bought my dream-come-true dressing table, I have to find a new space for my little DIY beauty.




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