July 11, 2013

Sushi maker

I love sushi and it's fun making it at home. Actually, I first learned to make them at home before I ever went to a restaurant. I still enjoy the process of making those Hosomakis and Futomakis. My mom knows my passion for it and gave me some tools by Tupperware (snack roll and snack row) to make the process easier and give us an option for versatility. 



The rice roll tool (bottom) can be used to make Futomaki and Hosomaki rolls. Nigiri Sushi can be made with the snack row tool (top).


The old-fashioned way to roll maki sushi with a sushi mat: I love my rolls with cucumber, salmon, sprouts and cream cheese. Add the rice onto the nori leaf, then put your other fillings into the center and roll it up. Seal it with a little water on the leaf edges and cut into bite-sized slices.


The new way: add the rice into the toll and cucumber slices will be the outside cover. This is a great way to make sushi without nori leaves, which is great for Mr.B as he doesn't like the taste of it. Also inside-out rolls are easily done. For normal maki rolls with nori leaves, I prefer to make the rolls with my sushi mat as it keeps it all together and pre-forming the rice with the Tupperware snack roll just adds a step instead of making the process easier. 


It's a great tool for special inside-out rolls and rolls without the nori leaves, though! The rolls will look smoother and can be easily cut.


The Nigiri Sushi is super easy to make with the Tupperware tool. Love it. Just add the rice and the fish, close the lid and open again. Et voilĂ !


Left: without nori leaves
Middle row: made with the tool, which makes it look messy and rice is spilling out.
Right: old-fashioned way of rolling. I can partly recommend the Tupperware products. 

I guess it's also a handling thing. I just prefer my old-fashioned rolling mat.


Have you used any special tools to make sushi at home?


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