August 31, 2013

Beauty Saturday - New Beauty tools

I am not one of those that is easily convinced by hyped tools, beauty or else. I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs and some of those products below have been really praised. I have jumped on the bandwagon and haven't been disappointed. I definitely recommend reading reviews, and with that I mean not just one, and then debating, if one of those oh-so-hyped novelties are really worth all that praise.



Those two have been fun to work with for my make up routine. My skin is good and I don't need too much coverage. During summer, I get a lot of freckles and I can't cover them up anyways. I don't try! Some days, I do want some more coverage, the wedding in Finland was one of those occasions. I have been on the lookout for a good tool to apply and blend in my foundation. The original beauty blender is far too expensive for my taste, but a local brand at my drug store has just launched a new line of semi-professional tools and brushes. The ebelin professional make up sponge works just fine for me and at 2.50€ it is worth every cent. 
The second blender has a handle and is much smaller. I use it to get rid of rouge edges and blend in the edges of my foundation. It's the multiuse blender from the P2 Summer Attack LE. It is limited for this summer, but has been around for several months in stores. It definitely works, as the material is more dense than the normal sponges. It costs 3.95€.


The ergonomic foot file by Douglas Nails, Hands & Feet beauty line is a real diamond in my tool collection. I just recently added it to my bath and shower routine and I'm in love! During summer, my heels get really dry, the skin cracks and I get callused skin. I have mentioned the cream that I use here. This file helps keep that skin smooth as well. And I bought it at 50% off during sale for 5€.


The final tool is probably the one with the biggest hype - the Dtangler or Tangleteezer. It is a plastic brush that is supposed to untangle any hair in dry or wet state. I have quite long hair and have been having issues with knots ever since I was little. My local hairdresser was never able to cut my hair in wet state, as I just couldn't brush it through. As a child it was a pain when my mom brushed my wet hair and nowadays I just ended up parting my hair and then letting it dry without brushing. When my mom visited me after our vacation, she had a little gift for me - the Dtangler. I have never had any issues with knots and even took it to my next visit to the hairdresser. Awesome!


What are your secret tools? Any recommendations?


mark a. said...

definitely out of my element here. they look cool but you would know best! :)

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