August 5, 2013

Rocky sunset

My trip to Finland wasn't just a lovely vacation, but it was also a reunion with a lot of my lovely friends. During my studies, I managed to get a spot as an exchange student in the lovely finnish city Tampere and later applied for a one year employment at an NGO in Helsinki. All in all, I spent almost 2 years in Finland and can really call it my second home today. It is therefore wonderful to go back there from time to time and visit old friends. I wore this look for a dinner invitation at the Newlyweds place. They had returned from their mini-honeymoon and we had a lovely evening with great food, awesome talks and a peak at the wedding photos!



The weather had turned quite hot and I decided to wear something pretty, yet comfortable. Those pants have been my life savior a couple of times when it has been too hot for jeans, but with a lot of wind too dangerous for dresses or skirts. And one can never go wrong with dots for an outfit.


These photos were taken on the way to the dinner. Most of Finland is either covered with forest or with these rocks and when the cities want to build houses or anything else, they first need to bomb these stones away. I find them rather lovely and they make for great photo backgrounds.


What I wore

Shirt: H&M
Pants & Ring: C&A
Cardigan: Tshibo
Necklace: local store, Helsinki
Shoes: Deichmann
Earrings: Bijou Brigitte



This dinner was so yummy, especially those filled mushrooms, need to try that again at home. And of course the dessert was awesome!


I am linking up to Monday Bloom and Visible Monday. Happy Monday!


Cari T. said...

Mit was sind die Champignons denn gefüllt?

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Mit einer Frischkäse und Kräuterfüllung. Ich kenn die Mischung nicht genau, aber werd sie erfragen, nachkochen und sicher mal einen Blogpost dazu schreiben.

Patti_NotDeadYetStyle said...

Just lovely for summer, Anja! The lacey-look shoes and your turquoise jewelry add wonderful feminine touches. Thanks for sharing your great look with Visible Monday.

mark a. said...

not only do you look fantastic but that is such a neat location for pictures!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

One of my favorite outfits on you, absolutely. So youthful, modern, tasteful, all the good things. Nice, nice combos! But now I'm starving and it's an hour before lunch. Is that pork with the tomatoes? And the little seeds with the bread? What are those, please?
So happy you had fun!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thank you so much for that sweet compliment! Yeah, it's pork, really well marinated and the little seeds is actually seasoned sea salt with herbs.

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thank you Patti. It's a bit sad to see those shoes as I had to throw them out after the evening, they broke :(

kelsey bang said...

that food look so yummy! LOVE those polka dot pants! cute look!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx so much Patti.

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thank you Mark. what a nice compliment!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thank you Kelsey! I am glad you liked it!!

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