August 18, 2013

What I love right now - No. 14/2013 Finland sniplets

This is the last post on Finland and I wanted to share some pictures taken at my favourite places in Helsinki.


The white church is a must see and I love hanging out there on the steps, sipping a coffee-to-go and eating lunch. Just a great place to watch people as well!


Suomen Linna, the island fortress at Helsinki Bay, is my favourite hangout place. Bring some food, a blanket, a bikini and your best mates - best picknick places and lonely rocks to sunbathe ever! Oh and not to forget all the nice museums and caf├ęs on that small island!







The National museum of Finland - great place and you spend hours there finding out tons about the history of Finland since before the ice age



All the amazing Finnish design shops like Marimekko, Iittala, Arabia, Kalevala jewelry etc. I am a huge fan of Nordic design brands and always on the lookout for new treasures. Only problem: my suitcase is too small for those beanbags!


Helsinki Harbour - Helsinki centre is on a pen-insula and there are so many nice small and big landing spots. I love boats and they make for wonderful picture backgrounds!


The Helsinki Design Week seat at the white church square. It has been a fun photo location and is a relict from one of the design weeks in the past years!

Have you ever been to Finland? What are your favourite spots there?

Happy weekend!


mark a. said...

great post as always! no i haven't been to finland, but it was fun to read your post!

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