January 8, 2014

30 Minus 01


So today is the day - I am turning 29. The scary 30th birthday is coming closer every day :) Just kiddin!
I have to say, even now with being 29, that big 3-0 isn't scaring me too much just yet. That might change in the upcoming year, though. But I hope that it won't! I want to use the next year to the fullest, enjoy every moment and experience a lot of new things!
Of course, I got one of those bucket lists. Sadly not all of my goals from last year were reached and I feel a bit less motivated right now as every year the list is getting longer. Still, for the last time, I will be doing a 29 before 30 list. Here it goes:

29 before 30

#01 starting a photography business
#02 going out more often, being less of a couch potato
#03 having a date night once a week
#04 visiting a concert with Mr.B
#05 starting to work with Photoshop
#06 working more with my manual camera
#07 getting a new wide angle lense
#08 trying out contact lenses
#09 sewing more
#10 starting new DIY projects
#11 not freaking about the big 3-0
#12 wearing more dresses and skirts to work again, even in winter
#13 continue expanding the blog, finding my niche & a design update
#14 doing new photo sessions with friends – stepping out of my comfort zone
#15 continuing Zumba classes
#16 getting a pet
#17 rebuilding and upgrading my little scooter
#18 connecting more with my extended family
#19 visiting another continent
#20 starting a Finnish course
#21 finishing dance classes & becoming a member of a dance group
#22 minimalizing my closet, make up and shoe collection
#23 taking part in a blogger event in Germany
#24 becoming more serious about scrapbooking
#25 drinking more water and tea every day
#26 going on a quad tour
#27 visiting the game museum


You can see that No. 28 and No.29 are still empty. I have two reasons for that - first: I didn't come up with enough points and second: last year some points came up during the year, but I had no space left and forgot about them again. I want to keep myself focused on achieving all these goals, but I also want to stay open-minded and leave some space for creativity and spontaneity. Some might call me crazy for putting up a list this long. Yes, it is quite a task, but since starting these lists several years back, I am focusing more on things that I really want to experience in life and hope to not forget them with the help of this goal list. 

BTW: This star was made by Mr.B's cousin K. and gifted to us at Christmas. I love the color combination and it is a perfect setting for my birthday cupcakes.

Sorry to my German readers, but I have been writing down these goals in English for years. Upcoming posts will have a German translation once again.


mark a. said...

that is a really cool idea! i hope you enjoy this 29th year of your life and may it be fun, interesting, and safe for you, my friend!

AHeartandSoulStory said...

thank you so much, thats so sweet!

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