June 17, 2014

Summer is in the air


Last week, Germany turned into a sauna and it was quite hard to quickly adjust to that heat wave. I had serious dressing issues at first, but then remembered this lovely pair of short jeans in my closet. They are made of quite thin denim and were ok for an afternoon in the shade of the garden. I added a flowing top and a bolero jacket to keep away the breeze. Didn't help much as I am currently curing an evil summer flu, but it is a great outfit for hot weather in any case.




What I wore

Denim: dscounter
Shirt & Earrings: Thrifted
Bolero cardigan and sandals: Primark
Necklace: Bijou Brigitte


I hope the summer is here to stay, but it could be a couple degrees lower for work. Makes it easier to move, as I turn into a slow snail when it is too hot. Just can't seem to function right. Just like this lazy furry ball!




Linda Cassidy said...

love the look , adore the cat

mark a. said...

you look adorable!

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