January 28, 2011

Cooking with my flatmates

As I mentioned before, one of my dear girls will be leaving us soon for her internship. This just being one of many reasons, it was time for a little cooking night with the girls yesterday. We decided to experiment with some Indian recipes and came up with the “Orange and Onion Relish” as a starter and the “Filled Potatoes with Peas”.

The Relish was fairly easy to make, not a lot of different things needed, just oranges, pepper and A LOT of onions. Poor Julia was cutting them for at least 30 minutes straight. In the end I was the one crying though, as she put the big bowl right next to me.

Adding some Indian spices, grapefruit juice and brown sugar (yeah, really a lot as well), the ingredients only needed to cook for about 10 minutes and ready was a colorful relish. It had a weird taste to it at first, but not in a bad way. Only the grapefruit juice made it a bit acrid and we all weren’t huge fans of it in the end.

Compared with the relish, the potatoes needed a huge amount of prep time. First of all peeling them, later hollowing the insides out, cooking these inside parts together with peas and then filling the raw casings with the mush. We also had to make a sour cream sauce out of spices, fried onions and some mustard seeds and cover the potatoes with it. Then all of it was supposed to go into the oven for 30minutes.

Maybe we used the wrong size of potatoes, but the book said “large size”. Well, our baking time was probably tripled by the one in the recipe and we finally got them out of the oven after over an hour. The top part wasn’t fully done yet, but we were so hungry and just couldn’t wait any longer.

It tasted surprisingly good and the spicy sauce was my highlight of the evening. I might just make that one on its’ own once again to go with rice and chicken!


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