January 25, 2011

A new life - I will be a godmother soon!

I have been studying for quite a while, but studies alone have never been enough. I always had a part-time job, hobbies and I have also been very active in different volunteery organizations.

Some days have been pretty overwhelming when it came to work load and even today after some years of practice, I sometimes struggle managing it all. Then I ask myself, if it is actually worth all the stress and pain. It is! It is all worth it when you know what you are doing it for. I know, that I’ll want to be able to give my future children (someday, not in the near future) a good life and also manage to fulfill my own dreams and live a decent life.

This once again became a clear thought for me when I met up with one of my dearest friends today. She will be a first-time mom in a couple of months and will make me a first-time godmother! She let me join her at her ultrasound examination. I had been excited about the appointment for a couple of days already and it was a great experience.

My friend is all cool and relaxed about her pregnancy (I guess all moms are more or less, as they live through it from beginning till the end). She couldn’t fully understand my “big hype” about the examination. Well, I do tend to make a big deal out of things and for me seeing my future godchild for the first time live on the monitor was a huge excitement!

The doctor said that there wasn’t a lot visible compared to other days, but for me it was enough :) We still don't know the gender of the baby, so we all will call it “Cookie crumb” until further notice,  as it will be a sweet little somebody one day, who will wrap us all around his/her little finger.

I am looking forward to being a godmother and spoiling little “Cookie crumb”, but I also hope to be a help for the parents and support them whenever they need it.

Here a photo of the little one when I first heard of my friend being pregnant.

Edit: Currently my first sense seems to be fullfilled: It's gonna be a girl!! 


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