April 10, 2011

“If you have to cry...

… go outside”

That’s not only the title of a great book written by PR consultant Kelly Cutrone, but it’s also her mantra. While telling the story on how she survived in the fashion industry as a total newbie and built up her PR Company “People’s Revolution”, she gives tips for all those women that want to make it in this tough industry. Her style is straightforward and she doesn’t mince matters. Her interns and assistants frequently get to hear harsh words and in her office crying is not allowed. She is seen as cruel, but all her hard words and working strategies are the result of hard work in an industry where friends are not made, but it’s all about keeping good contacts.


When you like dry sarcasm and strong-women philosophies, mixed with 20 years of experience in one of the toughest industries in the world, you should definitely read this book! It is the one and only book in my bookshelf where I marked great pages with post its. The only books I ever do that with are books for my studies.


On a side note: When you like this book, you will love her eight episode reality show “Kell on Earth”



Moniquezuman said...

Kelly is so amazing!

Monique xx


Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

one of the best and such an original!!

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