April 2, 2011

Thrift it, Baby!

Sunny Saturday and I spend it doing some of the best things ever:
  •           Relaxing and enjoying the Spring weather in the garden
  •           Spending time with my family and my good friends
  •           Photography
  •           Shopping and better yet – thrifting!!

The hottest day of the year so far (24 degrees) was spent in my parent’s garden. We had a barbeque and some great time together! My dad supported my mom with planting flowers and repairing things. While doing that he had an encounter with a mouse trap, hidden somewhere in the arbor. You should have heard him :) Well, he had to keep still for the photo! I am a bad daughter, I know.



Isn't my sister's new bag adorable?


Can't get enough of those crocuses!


After the day in the garden, we went to visit the bi-monthly flea market at night! This time it was less crowded with thrifters, but sadly enough also with traders. I guess it was due to the good weather. Still, we had a big arena full of stands with great vintage products. My sister and one of my friends basically ran through the rows of stands, while I searched every stand in detail together with my best friend J.




We were both lucky at the end of the day. I will show you my finds from the flea market and thrift store in one of my next posts!


Tanya Ann said...

very cool! i wish i were at that giant thrift bonanza :DDD cute cherry bag, too! i'm gonna follow, hun :)

steffy said...

wow that market looks something like heaven! in regards to your question, i usually dont edit my photos... maybe just add a bit of contrast. they are taken on a 50mm lens, which is why they have that background blur!

<3 steffy
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