April 3, 2011

Hairy fuss – fussy Hair?

Over the last weeks I have been thinking that my hair style is pretty, but oh so boring. I take much more care with my outfits and make up than I do with my hairdo. I wear them open or in a side ponytail (and that only when I have a bad hair day). That’s it for variety when it comes to hair for me. I even have been thinking about a haircut, but I love my long hair too much and can’t part with it.


I seriously admire all the people out there that look amazing every day head to toe. I take time picking my outfits and getting ready, but then often the time is up and I am too scared to mess up the hair trying a new do last minute. Also, I lack innovation. I am creative, but I need some inspiration for it.


So for a while already, I have tried out several tutorials by fellow bloggers in the evenings. Most of them seemed easier than done, but I managed to find a couple of styles that I can go with in the future.


my mom did this do

The first is a braided do, an adorable look on Elsie’s blog A Beautiful Mess, but just not the thing you can pull off alone. I needed my best friend J. for support and it took like forever. Another small but important detail: I lack thick hair. Mine is rather thin, so the braids looked a bit lost on my head. This is a seriously pretty do, but just not for me. I might use the half-do that Elsie did on her own hair though. It looks much easier!


evening tryout - no make up


The second look is inspired by my new found blog love Wish Wish Wish. Carrie did a great tutorial on her messy Beehive and I just love the look. She did a video and pictures and it was actually quite easy to do. Of course, I got much longer hair, but with 2 more layers, I also managed to pull it off. I still need some practice at the backcombing part, my hive wasn’t as high as Carrie’s, but this is something I will try out more often in the future!


after taking these pictures I figured that I had lost one earring :(


The final one is the side braid inspired by Savannah of The Joy of Living. She does all these amazing looks with braids and flowers in her hair and I admire each and every one! My goal was to at least manage that side braid, so I had a small accessory when otherwise keeping my hair open. It also reminds me a bit of the Lauren Conrad Braid. I admit I watched the Hills :)


Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other cool suggestions?

BTW: I used the polaroid maker for those pictures.


Nadja said...

img2373, das simpel hoch gesteckte sieht am besten aus, find ich.

Anne said...

my fav is definately your messy Beehive!! :) And I also managed to do the side braid with Savannah's tutorial *wohoo* :D I'm so happy that I could do this ;)
P.S. Prüfung am Mittwoch!! *Angst*

Savannah said...

They all look so good! I admire that you can always have beautiful straight hair! I never do mine. I love the low mess bun on you! and all the braided hair-dos look great as well. Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial!

Katie said...

I love a side braid! That's been my go-to lately :)

steffy said...

i love the one done by your mom!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Caitlin McGrath said...

i love the hairstyle that your mom did! i should definitely try looking up new hairstyles to try out. my hair is in the process of growing out and always looks SO boring!
lovely post.

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