April 5, 2011

Curvy Inspiration

My Monday started with rain and a temperature drop of over 10 degrees. Way to start the week!
As my photographer was nowhere to be found, you will have to wait one extra day for the “Shoe of the Week”. I can already give you a heads up on the featured style this week – Ballerina’s! I have been getting amazing feedback from readers and a lot of fellow bloggers have asked, if they could participate in my shoe project. In the next weeks, I will work on an idea how to incorporate other bloggers in the “Shoe of the Week”. 

Till then, I would like to introduce you to a woman that inspires me. I am not the skinny type myself and this woman is a curvy lady with a great attitude. Most of you should know the show “Dancing with the Stars”. In the 2011 installment in the German equivalent “Let’s Dance”, not one, but two plus-size stars shake a leg together with their professional dancing partners.


One of them is Maite Kelly, one of the members of the famous Kelly Family. I have to admit, I liked their music a lot when I was like 12 years old :) Maite has been looked at as the outsider of the show from the beginning with no chances at all at winning, but right after her first performance, this changed totally. She is quite plump, but so agile and dances with such enthusiasm, it is amazing to look at. I myself love dancing, but always have been said to be too tall and weighting too much for it. Well, there you see, if you have a dream, go pursue that dream and nothing in your way should stop you!


Check out her great performance in Episode two! I adore that outfit she wore there. I love all things vintage and 50s/60s inspired and her Sailor Girl outfit is just breathtaking. It is possible to be fashionable at any size!


 {Photos c/o gossipgirlz.de & WENN.com}


steffy said...

she looks gorgeous in the first photo!

<3 steffy

Pearls, Lace And Ruffles said...

She is so stunning! My mom used to listen to the Kelly family a lot when I was little! xoxo

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