April 5, 2011

Shoe of the Week – Ballet Flats

I love shoes and have a lot of them. As a tall woman, I have always tried to find pretty flat shoes so I won’t be even taller. I have only recently discovered high heels for myself and had the courage to actually wear them. Ballet flats are still the shoes of choice for me and I have a great selection of colorful flat shoes, with flowers, ribbons, studded or with lace. They all have a special spot in my shoe rack.

Ballet Flats


{ Deichmann }

Flats have been fashionable for ages. Until the 16th century, men and women wore them. Already in old Egypt, the women wore flat sandals made of papyrus leaves and decorated them with jewels. Catherine de Medici was the first to ask for heels on her flat shoes. Following this, men and women, especially from the high society, started wearing shoes with heels. This fashion died during the French revolution though and became very impractical. After a revival in the late 18th century, the heeled shoes were the choice for women. This changed only with Audrey Hepburn. She wore ballet flats and Capri pants in Funny Face. Audrey became a style icon and made flat shoes fashionable for all women around the globe. Jackie Kennedy was another famous lover of ballet flats and frequently ordered them from designers.


Ballet flats or Ballerina shoes are designed after the ballet slippers worn at ballet dancing class. They are made of flexible leather or textile and have a flexible sole. They are the choice of shoes for basic ballet dancers. Ballet flats come in a variety of colors, often with a small ribbon at the low top of the shoe and sometimes even a slight heel. They are a perfect choice for Spring and Summer, long walks and nights of dancing. They are very versatile and can be worn with almost everything.

For a night at a Store opening


Wear a ruffled and belted blouse with a pencil skirt. Mine is black and gold sequined. It brings a sparkle to the outfit and keeps it edgy at the same time together with the studded ballerinas. The side braid gives it a girly touch.

What I wore

Blouse, Top & Belt: H&M
Dress (worn as a skirt): Thrifted
Tights: Esda
Nail Polish: Catrice Ultimate Nail Color “From Dusk to Dawn”


For a walk in the park


Spring/Summer is around the corner and with that the temperatures rise. This outfit is perfect for warmer days. The sweater is short-sleeved and gives the outfit a comfortable touch. The pants balance this comfy styling and could also be worn with a pretty cardigan, to give it a more girly vibe.

What I wore

Top, Pants, Scarf & Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Street vendor; NYC
Shades: C&A


For lunch with a friend


Just your average outfit for every day. Skinny Jeans are perfect with ballet flats. It is comfortable, yet chic with a long top and a pretty cardigan. You can wear it with a trench and a saddle bag. Perfect for the transition into Spring/Summer!

What I wore

Top: Vero Moda
Bolero: Lindex
Jeans: Long Fashion
Necklace: gift by my mom
Bag: H&M


Which is your favorite outfit with Ballet flats?


Bridget said...

Mmmm, I love ballet flats! There can be soo many different colors and designs....=]

niandra_joan said...

wearing flats for long walk??
NO! as they mostly just have a light sole where you can feel everything. besides they have wonky sides a lot, so you don't have a real footing
often women look like ducks walking in flats.

niandra_joan said...

wearing flat for taking long walks?? um, no!
as they mostly have light soles you can feel everything in them. besides they nearly never have firm sides, so they're always wonky and one has no real footing.
therefor most women look like ducks walking in flats

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Yes, that is true, but I already managed fairly long walkes in flats. Maybe I should have mentioned that I mean in comparison to high heels :) Also, I did not mean walking cross country, that would be horrible, even in flats!

steffy said...

adorable shoes! I had to answer your question, bc it is the main reason i blog! I find all of these little treasures at junky run-don thrift stores, sometimes in the middle of awful neighborhoods! you just have to be patient and pick through lots and lots of stuff for one amazing find! i have been collecting clothes since the day i was born haha but seriously, i have always had way too many clothes !

<3 steffy

Brian Davis said...

Great story about ballet flats.  Looks like you have a nice collection. My favorite outfit with flats is capri pants or tights, just cuz they show off the cute flats you're wearing. I'm not sure I can pull that look off though. That said I mostly just wear mine with jeans. Something like this. Yes I'm a guy.

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

I love ballet flats, they are so versatile and work for so many outfits. I think heels are great but flats seem to be underestimated on how great they can look, even on a very elegant outfit.

Janne said...

Hi! I read about guys wearing ballet flats and understand there is so much prejudice about them. Gays? I´m a guy who wear ballet flats as slippers at home. What would you think about me wearing them out?

Brian said...

A year since my last post and ballet flats are my go to shoes, except when it's snowing.  Each pair is suited to whatever mood I'm in.  I've found that the skinny fit (women's) jeans with a flare at the bottom and flats works best for me but depending on my mood or how daring I want to be I sometime wear them with shorts.  I stayed mostly with black flats in different materials or finishes but during the past years have added some colorful eye popping flats to my collection.  Including . . . PINK flats!  Again they all match my mood.   Here's a few of my ballet flats outfits.  Thanks for the great post.

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