May 16, 2011

Rockabilly lifestyle

As mentioned before this past weekend was full of excitement. On Saturday, I visited the long awaited Tattoo convention "Rock'n'Ink" with my sister. We could watch amazing tattoo artists doing their job. at the same time several cool rockabilly shops offered their merchandising. 




One store especially caught my eye, the super cute shop "Kitsch-City". It's a small store, where almost every little necklace, earring and pin is handmade by the owner. Nina allowed me to take photos of her booth. I also took those super sweet Plumeria earrings home with me.



Apart from the tattoo artists, the convention was filled with several band appearances on two different stages. We enjoyed the Dynamite rockabilly stage and watched some shows. The American band "Devil Doll" left the biggest impression on me. After their show, I had a short, but sweet chat with the singer of the band, Colleen Duffy. Their music is amazing and I can't get enough of them, listening to their album non-stop. 



My sister and I, we enjoyed dressing up in the rockabilly style. I was fully in my element as I am loving the outfits and hair styling of the 50s. We were quite the attraction as well. A lot of people actually came up to us asking for photos. They wanted to take pictures with two really tall and pretty ladies :)


Taking photos was quite the adventure as big SLR cameras were only allowed for press people. I had somehow managed to smuggle mine inside, but didn't want to take the risk of getting in trouble. I don't really understand the logic behind that, as "normal" digital cameras and cell phones can also take good pictures, but well. Security issues. We still managed to snap some decent shots of the scenery, some great cars and my outfit.



What I wore

Dress: Vintage; Thrifted
Belt & Bag: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Necklace and Earrings: Gifts from my parents
Nail Polish: OPI "Malaga Wine"
Lipstick: Mac "Russian Red"


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