May 11, 2011

Shoe of the Week – Pumps

This week the "Shoe of the Week" comes a bit late. Sorry for that!

Shoes are made to carry us through life on dry feet. They are supposed to be comfortable (more or less), fit well and complete an outfit. There are so many different shoe styles out there. Every person has different taste and their shoe cubboard is filled according to that. There are only a couple of designs that should have a place in every woman's closet. A pair of pumps is one of them. They are so versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion. Every shoe with heels tends to get uncomfortable after some time. Remember not to wear your highest pair when you need to run around town all day. People need to have practice in wearing heels all day every day.


{c/o Deichmann}

The history of pumps is similar to the one of Mary Jane's. Already for centuries, shoes with heels have been worn. In the earlier times, those shoes were not only worn by women, but were also very fashionable for men. In the 1500s, the word "pompes" was used for strapless flat shoes worn by men. In those days, shoes with heels were often worn by servants as they couldn't afford the more expensive ones with buttons and laces. Only in the centuries after, the pump/ high heel became more established in high society. In the 20th century, those shoes were reserved for women only. Pumps are classic footwear and have been frequently worn by celebrities and first ladies throughout the last century. Audrey Hepburn and Jacky Kennedy made the extremely popular and today almost every woman owns at least one pair of classic pumps.

Shoe of the Week - Page

For Sunday lunch with the Grandparents


Wear a bright and colorful skirt together with a simple top. The fancy cardigan and scarf make it appropriate to meet the grandparents for lunch in a restaurant. The longer hems of the skirt and cardigan will keep your outfit modest and chic.


What I wore

Skirt: Handmade
Tights: Esda
Cardigan, Top & Scarf: H&M
Belt (came with a dress): Thrifted


For a day at university


For university an outfit needs to be comfortable. When sitting in lectures the whole day, a pair of jeans is the perfect choice. Pair it with a long blouse and some stylish accessories and the outfit is upgraded just the right amount. 


What I wore

Pants: Long Fashion
Top: H&M
Blouse: Vero Moda
Bag: Mister and Lady Jeans
Necklace: Thrifted


For a dinner with friends


A dark pencil skirt always works well for a dinner outfit. It gives every combination an instant fancy look. Combined with a flowing shirt and a belt to accentuate the waist,you are good to go. As the evenings still get quite chilly, a cardigan helps keep the cold away. 


What I wore

Dress (as a skirt): Ernsting's Family
Shirt: Gina Tricot
Top & Belt: H&M
Cardigan: Bonprix
Bag: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from my parents



Leahvdk said...

Love the stud details! Great for any outfit.

xo L.

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annebray said...

is there a shoe for the upcoming week?

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Hey Anna

Thanks for asking! There will be a shoe next week. I have figured in the last weeks that it is quite a lot of photo shoots each week as I do 3 outfits every time. Therefore it will run bi-weekly from now on. I will announce the shoes for next week tomorrow and you can definitely participate. It also gives all participants more time to prepare!

the nyanzi report said...


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