May 13, 2011

Hanami Special

I have mentioned before that I am lactose intolerant. I just can't stomach milk sugar. The biggest issue for me is to go out with friends and actually eat at a restaurant. It is very hard to know what the food is made of and if it contains any lactose. When you ask the waiter, of course no lactose is in the food. Well, who would have known that lactose can be in chips, in cold cut meat, in bread, in juice, salad dressing and so on. One place where I can be quite sure about what the food contains though is the sushi restaurant. No wonder that it is one of my favorite places to go. 

Right now is Hanami week at my local sushi bar. It's the celebration of the cherry tree blossoming and they had some great specials at the restaurant. Last night, I went there with a big group of my friends and we had a great evening with lots of Hoso Maki, Nigiri and other great rolls.



main dish


White Fu tea


For the non-fish lovers


As it's Thursday once again (time is really just running these days), here another awesome and awkward round :)

  • The lifeguard at the indoor pool - he really starts to be super creepy
  • Feeling pregnant after too much sushi - I wonder if I would have given birth to a sushi roll?!
  • Preparing this post, but not being able to post it due to lovely blogger just crashin’ for several days!!! – also can’t reach the other posts to actually finish those. Arg!!
  • a trip to Dresden just to get some library books - I love free train rides and any opportunity to combine studies with some sightseeing
  • swimming workouts - 3 times a week will make a great bod' in no time (at least that's what I hope!)
  • Banana Split cookies - just awesome when they fresh and are still a bit warm
  • watching "Germany's next Topmodel" with your flatmate and laughing at the funny scenes
  • The weekend is around the corner!


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