May 13, 2011

Outside influences…

a while ago, I wrote about the things that inspire me and my blogging. Other bloggers have been very important there, but of course there are influences outside of the blogosphere that inspire me and Katy of ModlyChic has made this the discussion of the week for FBFF.

1.      What magazines do you subscribe to? 

I have had a subscription first for the US CosmoGirl and later for the US Cosmopolitan. That magazine doesn't fit my wishes anymore, it's not fashion oriented enough and I am currently testing others to find my new monthly read! Any recommendations? 

2.      Do you watch any fashion TV shows? 

I only recently got a TV and after several years of no TV at all, I started to follow 

Project Runway {photo source}

I find it very interesting how fashion is made and I love to look behind the scenes of this industry. I also loved Kelly Cutrone's 8 episode TV series "Kell on Earth" (review here) as it gave some insights into the PR world around the Fashion Week.

FN Shoe Star {photo source}

This one I recently discovered through my new found blog love Manolo's Shoe Blog. It shows the competition of several shoe designers for a position at Brown shoe. I love shoes, so this one is a must!

3.      Beyond blogs, what websites do you frequent for fashion 

None on a regular basis, but I love Vogue and Elle online.

4.      Advertisements play a huge role in forming public opinion about a product or brand… what ads do you like and why? 

Keira Knightley - Coco Mademoiselle 

Audrey Tautou - Chanel No. 5

Kate Winslet – Lancome Tresor

5.      Do you own any fashion books? 

I would love to own a lot more fashion books. I really enjoy reading books, it's a great balance for my current thesis work and it helps me relax. The books are quite expensive though and therefore I tend to borrow them at the library. The ones that really inspire me, I buy to keep in my bookshelf. Currently, I own

"Style" by Lauren Conrad
It's a nice basic book that supports women in building a working closet according to their style wishes. Of course it is influenced by Lauren's style. She also gives shopping, make up and hair styling tips!

"Modestrecke" by German fashion blog Les Mads
Les Mads is the most established German fashion blog. The two founders have written this book about their journey with Les Mads. Sadly it is only available in German so far.


Stefanie Kuncman said...

 so cool that you just got a tv, i dont watch much either!

<3 steffy

Steffys Pros and Cons

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

well, my parents had one when I lived there, but didn't watch too much. Rather enjoy a good movie at the cinema. TV is so overrated

the nyanzi report said...

 one of the TV shows I love today is The Good Wife.

Kimberlee VDW said...

I'm so amazed by all the people who have gone without TV! I've been wanting to stop myself because I feel like I could save so much money :)

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