July 8, 2011

Guest Post - Savannah - Joy of Living

Hello readers of A Heart and Soul Story! My name is Savannah and I'm so excited to be doing my first guest post ever for Anja. Since wedding season is upon us & that's exactly where Anja is I thought I would write about my Wedding Season Essentials.

First thing to look out for is the right shoes:

pic 1

A lot of summer weddings are outside and nothing is worse than having your heels sink into the grass or the sand every time you take a step. And if your like me you can't help but dance and mingle with everyone so I'm on my feet a lot! That's why I always stick to a comfortable wedge heel for a summer wedding.

Second is the outfit:

pic 2

I think color is a really important thing to think about. Unless the event is formal I avoid dark colors and of course I also avoid too much white. Some of my favorite wedding season colors are blues, corals, and purples.When it comes to the article of clothing I'm a fan of a great dress, although nice pants & a blouse work just as nicely.

Finally accessories:

pic 3

Weddings are a great time to pull out your pearls, or a great statement broach that doesn't get showcased all the time. And I love using a small clutch to top the look off. I would steer clear of too many accessories such as hats, scarves, big bags, etc.

Here is my take on my Wedding Season Essentials from items I have in my own closet:

picture four

picture five

picture six

picture seven

Most importantly have fun and experiment. Wedding's are a great time to get dressed up & pull out some items in your closet that don't get worn very often. Of course every wedding is different and requires a few adjustments but you can never go wrong with class & pretty.


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