July 10, 2011

Weekend to remember

This weekend was something special. On Saturday, I attended the wedding of my dear friends H. and M. They were celebrating an international wedding, as one of them is from Nigeria and one from Finland. The wedding included things from both cultures and was built around the colors of both countries' flags: blue, green and white. 


After a beautiful wedding ceremony in both English and Finnish in one of Finlands' oldest churches, we went to the reception. H. looked stunning in her dress that was made by her mother (seriously gifted woman!) and M. wore a really fancy suit that made him look very handsome!



The location for the reception was a house in the typical Finnish style, with a nice porch, red wood and white windows. The place itself was decorated with a lot of antique finds of the owner and gave a very vintage feeling to the whole day. 


The mother of the bride (as mentioned, she is such a gifted and crafty person) did a lot of the decorations together with H. All was done with such care and with love for details. Every time I looked around, I could find more little hidden things.



I have been only to two weddings, but this has been such a beautiful day and I am very happy that I was able to share this wonderful moment with the happy couple. Mr. & Mrs. O, all the best for you and your future!!


And finally just two pictures of how my outfit looked!




Savannah Hines said...

What a beautiful day and a lovely wedding!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

It definitely was!

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