July 12, 2011

Lazy Day

After the wedding weekend, I really needed a day full of relaxing. The weather was still great with just a couple of clouds and I decided to take a stroll around Espoo and my friends place. As I spent the whole day alone and without any tripod (I don't dare to just put my camera up somewhere, as I am scared it will take a tumble down some hill!). So today, we will do the usual outfit shots a bit differently!



This is what I wore shown as a shadow :) It was a similar outfit to this one. I wore the same shorts, which have really become a staple piece in my vacation wardrobe. A simple White T-Shirt and I was good to go.


I got myself a bag of Candy King treats and went of to explore. Candy King is my fav' when it comes to sweet snacks. I never like thos mixed bags of sweets, as there is always some you don't like. With Candy King, you can choose the kind of candy, the amount you want and you can mix and match :) 



What is amazing about Helsinki: It was built mainly on ground with a lot of stones and rocks that are remnants of the last glacial period. Still today, when building a new street or house, the construction company needs to blast the rocks first before they can start any construction work. In between house, one can still find remainders of those rocks. I climbed some of those and spent my afternoon with eating candy, enjoying the sun and the view and listening to some music!



How did you spend your weekend?


julia said...

i really like those blue flats! where did you get them??

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Those are from Deichmann, a German shoe store. They are currently 50% off!

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