August 27, 2011

Beauty Saturday - Hair Care

I guess, every girl cares about how her hair looks. I am no exception, but maybe I am a bit more worried about it than others. I probably would not leave the house with a butchered haircut, but I am going to the supermarket without make up. You can see my priorities there!
It might come from my family background and that I am a decendant of a long line of hair stylists. My mom is one, my great grandpa  and great aunt as well as their children and grandchildren work or have worked in the business. We care about hair :)
I never had a haircut from somebody other than my mother and it will probably be a hard day when I have to go to some other stylist should I move away after graduation.

I have weird hair (quote from my mother). You can't comb or cut it when it is wet. It's a huge ball of tangles that is miraculously gone the moment it is dry. Very weird. Because it gets messy so much and because I have been coloring it since my 14th birthday, I need to take extra care of it.


This is what I use on a daily or almost daily basis.


To entagle at least some of the mess and to manage to set my side parting, I use Londa Care Hair milk, a product my mom gave me and it really helps. Watch out for oily roots though!


I got oily roots and dry ends. Therefore I need to wash my hair every two to three days. To make them less oily, I watch out for clear shampoo like the Fructis version. Any milky shampoo includes silicons and will make the hair heavy. That makes them sit closer to your scalp and the sebaceous glands that make your hair dirty. I also use a color shampoo every other wash to keep the color of my hair fresh.


Long hair like mine tends to be very dry at the ends and I treat it with conditioner. We have this great natural brand Alverde that has stuff without any silicons. I use the purple conditioner after every wash and the deep conditioner like once a week. Important: only put it into the ends of the hair, not near your roots!


I color my hair and want to keep the color fresh as long as possible. I add the liquid hair repair after drying my hair when it is freshly colored. The oil fluid is for winter use only to keep the ends from damaging through the dry radiator air. 

This is what I use regularly. Of course no hair is similar and those products are not available everywhere, but products with similar ingredients help talking care of long hair like mine!

What is your hair routine and do you have any special products you can't live without!?


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