August 2, 2011

Fairy stories

This last weekend was spent mostly indoors as the weather was horrible and I needed to do some extra writing for my thesis. Spending the whole day in front of the computer, I wanted to try some new ways to style my hair in the evening and curled it with some hot curlers. I also tried out some outfits with the newest addition to my closet and ended up taking several outfit photos as I loved the look so much. 



The skirt from the Fall H&M collection makes me feel easy breezy and a bit like coming frOm another time or place :) Maybe some wings and I could wear this as a fairy costume!



What I wore

Skirt & Shirt: H&M
Ribbon as a necklace: Craft store
Ring: Bijou Brigitte



Do you have clothes that make you feel like you are a different person?


Anikasmom said...

I actually do know what you mean by feeling like a different person in cerain outfits. My problem is that I'm afraid to step out of my box (in public) so those clothes never get seen! I love the longer skirts this year though & own several, all of which I've never worn. Your earlly rocking this look!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

you should wear those nice skirts! It would be a shame to neglect them!! How about wearing them around the house first, so you get comfortable with the look and then on a brave morning you put them on and jump outdoors :)

Savannah said...

That skirt is amazing!

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