August 1, 2011

Girl Talk

This week has started with a busy schedule and lots of plans for the blog (more infos in time!). The Monday was reserved for finishing up some stuff for a project and meeting with my friend J., the mother of my godchild. The babies' grandmother had invited me and J. and the baby for coffee and some chats.We had a great time talking about little C. and how she is doing and also had some time for girl talks!



It was hard to dress for this day, as the weather isn't really cooperating well with the season. The blazer was a secure choice as it was quite windy and also a little chilly outside. I recently rediscovered the purple gingham shirt and have been wearing it almost non-stop since Thursday :)



What I wore

Blazer: Ernsting's Family
Shirt: C&A
Pants: Long Fashion
Scarf, Bracelet, Necklace: Gift from my mother
Ring: Street Vendor; Rio de Janeiro
Bag, Top: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann




Anikasmom said...

What a fantastic outfit. I'm really longing to wear blazers and sweaters but since the temp here today is close to 100, I suppose I will be waiting awhile. I love your entire outfit, especially those shoes.

Savannah said...

Ah I love that blazer! And your purse? to die for!

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