September 16, 2011

Advice that changed me

This Friday, Katy of ModlyChic asked us to share some words of wisdom that had been given to us throughout our lives and had or still have an inpact on us. This Fashion Beauty Friend Friday edition is especially exciting and interesting to me as without those advices that I will share in a moment, I probably wouldn't be the person that I am today.

"Being a tall girl is cool and nobody can tell you otherwise!" - My mom

My mom has been telling me and my sister this almost every day since I can remember. Especially when we came running home from school crying because some other kid would make fun of our height, she would tell us that those children are just jealous. She helped us build up some backbone and self-confidence to survive the evil times of high school and growing up. We both have become strong, independent, proud young women and enjoy our lives on long legs! My mom still gives other people the angry look when they stare at us, but we are so used to it that we rarely ever notice anyways :)

"If you have to cry, go outside" - Kelly Cutrone

This is an advice not given directly to me, but the title of her book and kind of a mantra that I have been living with for the past year or so. For me it means that if you want to survive in the business world, especially the fashion business, you need to stay strong and get yourself together. it is important to give it your all, stay focused and most importantly be professional in all the things that you are doing. Never give up or back down when you are fighting for a dream and you are pursuing your goals. I can really recommend the book!


"Being the change you want to see in the world" - Ghandi

A great quote that I have picked up at my 3rd semester of studies. With everything that is happening in the world, Global Warming, earth quakes and other  catastrophes, it should be clear to every last person that we need to change something or our world will be destroyed. I always hear those excuses from people asking what one person could do to change those things. Well, if everybody thinks that way, nothing is gonna change. So I try to live by this advice from Ghandi and try doing things myself to make a difference. Even little things can help and being conscious about it is the first thing towards that change!

"The glass is half full, not half empty!" - my grandma

When I was little, I used to be a very pessimistic person, always grumpy and complaining about a lot of things. Every week I would go see my grandma after school and she would tell me to stop being so pessimistic as it was also influencing others like her. She would tell me to see the silver lining in things, even if they were disturbing at first. Her repeating this over and over made me realize that she was right. Today I am much more optimistic and try to see the possitive things in life. When something bad happens, when I get rejected for a job position or get a bad grade, I would try to see the learning points in it. Maybe I didn't study hard enough or it was just not meant to be, because somewhere out there is still the perfect position waiting for me.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got "The silver lining" Necklace by JessLC and whenever I wear it, it also reminds me to remember those words!


"Everybody's free to wear sunscreen!" - Baz Lurmann

This is the best advice video that I have ever seen and it is a great thing I have been following for 5 years now. I came across this through my student organisation AIESEC. 

What are your best advices you have ever received?


Hope Shores said...

What great pieces of advice. :) And I've always wanted to be taller!! I'll have to think up some of my own words of my own. :)


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