September 19, 2011

Seeing the world through new eyes

As mentioned earlier, I have been in need of new glasses. my eyes are not really bad, but when working a lot in front of the computer, my eyes do start to burn and headaches can happen as well. Therefore, I got myself my first pair of specks 2 years ago. Now, I have been a bit self-conscious about them, never really taking any photos of me wearing those. They are not hideous, but they're not the prettiest either. So when it was time to get new ones for free (insurance pays for a new pair every 2 years!), I decided to go with a more fashionable pair that I would feel comfortable wairing all day, every day. I can't say it enough - my favorite color is red. So I got myself a new pair of bright red nerd specks!! As the prescription strength hasn't changed much, I can still wear the old ones as well, only they got glass, not plastic glasses and are quite heavy when wearing them all day.


Here is my old pair - even with those, I got a little red on the earpiece.


The new ones!


What do you think?


Anne said...

nice!! :)

meagan said...

Those red glasses look really great on you!

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