December 7, 2011

last meal

Tomorrow is the day I get my wisdom tooth removed. I guess, my mouth and teeth will hurt a lot for the next couple days, therefore Mr.B. and I decided to enjoy the evening of St.Nicholas Day at our local Christmas market. We had mulled wine, sweet crullers and some other good food. It was a bit like my last real meal for the next week or so. I even found a couple of stands that were selling Finnish goods and I couldn't resist to by some arctic summer honey!



While at the Christmas market, I wore my favorite red coat paired with my new woolen scarf. Otherwise I kept my outfit simple and all black to let the coat take the stage.



What I wore

Coat: Lindex
Pants: Long Fashion
Boots: Deichmann
Earmuffs and gloves: no name and gifted
Scarf & Bag: H&M
Glasses: Fielmann


We also watched the 4th installment of the Twilight saga with some friends and my sister and had a really fun evening. Just in time for St. Nicholas, we also had our first bit of snow falling down. When we woke up that morning we not only had a surprise in our boots brought by Nicholas, but the city roofs looked a bit like powdered with sugar!




Anne said...

soo schöne Fotos Anja!! Really really beautiful! Jetzt kann ich mir deine tollen Ausblick noch besser vorstellen :)

Hope Shores said...

Aw, I'm glad you could enjoy the market! Good luck with your wisdom teeth...the first few days can be a little tough. :( Curl up with a blanket and some applesauce! :)


Theafternoontea It said...

Lovely scarf.
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