December 12, 2011

Decoration time

As my cheek is swollen from the wisdom tooth operation and I want to spare you an outfit post with me looking like a hamster, I will do a special outfit post. This is what my apartment is currently wearing :)


Normally, I try to stay minimalistic with decorations, but at Christmas I go a bit over the top. It's the most important holiday for me and I come from an area in Germany that is well-known for their wooden Christmas decorations: The Erzgebirge. 



I have inherited quite a lot of decorations from my grandparents and great-grandparents and am very proud of those heirlooms. I especially love all those old tree ornaments. I got them in several colors and could probably fill a tree that is 4m tall :)


Do you have any special Christmas decorations?


This one is my newest addition and was a gift by Mr.B.

I am still missing something from Finland in my collection, though. I didn't buy anything there, so the Giveaway over at Nordic Bliss (my favorite decorating blog) would be perfect for me. I love the dishes from iittala, only they are very expensive and how should one transport them when travelling by plane!? So let's hope that I was a very good girl this year and maybe I get this wonderful crystal plate. Would make an awesome cookie display :)



Little Red Purse said...

Very cute. I love how you've decorated your place.

xo L.

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