February 8, 2012

Snow Fashionista

What do you wear when a cold front hits the country and the thermometer tells an all time low of minus 25 during nights and at least minus 10 during day time. I guess every normal person would wear three layers and pants pants pants. Well, I guess I had gone a tiny bit insane prior to selecting this outfit. 



I definitely froze my budd off while taking those outfit pictures on the way to the hot springs resort. Mr.B. and I treated ourselves to a visit a couple of days ago and it was wonderful. The hot water is great for skin problems, the pools with massage showers and the steam sauna are amazing for a relaxing afternoon. Too bad I got my hair wet and later got a chill when driving home. Hello there, cold! still, I can only recommend hot spring resorts and for the ones near me, this one is the best!



What I wore

Cardigan: C&A
Skirt& Shirt: H&M
Tights: Esda
Socks: Takko Fashion
Boots: Deichmann
Earrings & Necklace: Thrifted




DestrehansDaughter/Sarah said...

That sounds unbearably cold, but you do look cute. 

Amber said...

well you certainly dont look cold, just cute :)

fashionforgiants said...

This is a great look.  And I agree with Amber, you don't look cold, just cute.  Love the sweater and the boots especially!

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