February 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend Mr.B. and I decided to visit his family in the mountains and we enjoyed some days of relaxing in front of the fire place, eating great food and wonderful walks in Winter Wonderland. The snow had us waiting long enough this year, but finally it seems to become a real winter. 


We went for a sledge ride and had a blast wandering around in our skiing gear. As I had caught a cold, we decided not to go cross-country skiing, but went to explore the snowy area. We met some lovely cats on our way and collected some huge icicles.


I know, I know, I look a bit like a Michelin man, but hey, it was warm underneath all those layers!


What I wore

Skiing pants: ???, extremely old
Jacket: C&A
Hat: New York
Scarf: H&M
Mittens: Finland
Boots: Deichmann



What did you do during the weekend?


Amber said...

wow that scenery is so beautiful and you look so cozy in your layers :)

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