February 16, 2012

Sushi love

I love cooking and one of my favorite things to make is sushi. I know that's not really cooking, but handmade sushi is awesome and I can't get enough of the little fish rolls. It also is so much cheaper than visiting a sushi place.


Several weeks ago, we had a sushi night with some friends. Dividing the work between three girls, we managed to roll tons of sushi Hosomakis and Futomakis. It's quite easy to do. 
All you need is 
  • bamboo mat for rolling
  • sushi rice  
  • seaweed leaves
  • raw and ultra fresh fish fillets (salmon, tuna or any other you like) - also smoked salmon works or little prawns, surimi etc.

possible choices for inside

  • cream cheese
  • cucumber
  • wild onion
  • to sprout
  • pickled ginger
  • wasabi

extras for dipping

  • wasabi
  • soy sauce
  • teriyaki sauce
  • hot red sauce


Boil the rice (you can add Asian rice vinegar to the water) until the rice is sticky and soft and let it cool down.  Boiling is often 1/3 rice and 2/3 water.
While the rice is boiling, start cutting all the ingrediences for the rolls into long and thin slices.


Then take the bamboo mat, add one of those seaweed leaves (with the uneven side on top) and add a bit of rice to the leaf. Futomakis are the big rolls and you need a full leaf, Hosomakis are smaller (like on the picture) and you need half a leaf (cut them prior with a scissor). Add the rice to the leaf, but leave out about 1cm on top to later seal it up. Add some ingrediences like raw fish and some veggies in a row in the middle of the leaf. You can also make veggie rolls with cream cheese and some cucumber (that's my favorite version). For that put the cream cheese all over the rice and add some cucumber in a row like you see in the picture below. Then take the bamboo mat and roll it tightly. That might be the tricky part. The tip I can give you is to always press against the bamboo mat from the back as well (see where my thumb is?!). Add some water to the free seaweed part to make it stick to the other side of the roll.


They rolls will look like in the picture below. After finishing your rolls, take a sharp knife and a glass of water. Dip the knife in the water and cut off both ends of the roll to make it look even and nice. Then slice the roll into little pieces that could fit in your mouth. Dip the knife into the water every now and then to clean it and let it slide better through the rice that will stick to the knife.


Add them to a plate or however you want to display them. 


Give each guest a small bowl for each sauce and maybe a little plate to collect different pieces of sushi and dip the wasabi. VoilĂ ! 


I hope this helped a bit and made some of you try it out as well. Let me know and of course show your versions of Hosomaki and Futomaki! Do you have any tips for other versions?


Anne said...

yummy! :)

Laurel Walker said...

This looks amazing!!! My husband and I are vegans but we can definitely use this tutorial to make veggie and avocado rolls. He is a huge sushi man and always has been, even before we were vegans. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing! 

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

hope you had a good time trying out the sushi!!

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