February 18, 2012

New Hair

One thing on my ToDo List has been a change of my hairdo. Not too drastic, but I was kind of over the blunt black hair without any shimmer. Black hair is tricky to maintain and it often shows almost no reflection of light. I really love the "snow white" look of my long hair, but it also look a bit unnatural, stern and made me look much older. Not to mention the harsh hair line when the color slowly grows out. 

[my hair currently - after the treatment]

As part of my 27 before 28 resolution I decided together with my hair stylist to lighten up my hair color by one or two shades trying to give my hair a more natural look. Last week it was time for my first session and the result is already amazing.
Some of you might have tried this before, but for those that have no idea, lightening up dark hair is a tricky procedure and can be very damaging for your hair when not done the right way. Lucky for me, my hair stylist is a very close person aka my mom and she knows not only my wishes, but also the peculiarity of my hair extremely well. 

[my hair prior to the procedure - you can see only a bit of brown, mostly black, almost no reflections]

Please don't try this at home, but if you wish to lighten up your dark tresses, consult with your hair stylist and ask for information on this procedure instead of just bleaching your hair!

What my mom did was to wash my hair with a mixture of bleach and shampoo and let it set for several minutes. She did not put any on my roots to not strain the hair too much. She washed out some of that black color and lightened the hair up a bit. I don't want to become a blonde or get a very light hair color, therefore we did not need to bleach the hair totally. I don't recommend this step anyways as it deeply damages the hair. I have had some blonde highlights within a dark brown hairdo for some time and those tresses were badly damaged after the bleaching procedures.

[I used a straightener for this styling]

After washing the hair, she then added some light brown highlights to my hair to get are more natural look and enhance the reflections. Then she dyed the remaining hair with a dark brown tone.

This procedure can be repeated several times over the next months to get a more even and lighter look, but I am currently quite happy with the outcome. The upcoming summer might help the lightening process as well.

I can only recommend this process, but please treat your hair nicely. It will thank you for it. I am currently using some extra conditioner. It's never wrong during the Winter months to give your locks some extra love anyways. I always use the Gliss Kur products, especially the new Ultimate Repair collection. It really helps.


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