February 19, 2012

What I love right now No.2

This week has been hard on me. My health is back to a low point as I got another harsh cold from attending a flea market last weekend. Also Mr.B. probably gave me some of his germs. Well, at least we sold off a lot of stuff at the flea market last weekend.
As most of you probably know, I moved into her place in the middle of October after she had to move to a retirement home. My family kept a small part of her things, I saved quite a share of her interior for my new flat, but we also had to part with a lot of stuff that has been collected by her during the last 40 years or so since she has moved into this appartment. I am selling some of her clothes and accessories in my store over at KleiderKreisel and we have sold a lot at the market as well. The rest will be given to friends, family and then goodwill. My grandma would have loved to hear that her things still make other people happy.

Mr.B. got those for me on Valentine's Day.

During weeks like this, when a lot feels hard and your mood is down a bit, you have to keep in mind the little things that make you happy in life.

sfgirlbybay Page

One example is the super cute blog by sfgirlbybay. Loving her decoration posts and could redecorate my whole place based on her ideas!


This hair style tutorial over at The Beauty Department. Will have to try it soon!


More snow and an attempt to go sledge riding during this weekend!


The cake I baked for Mr.B. I have gotten into baking a lot recently and have been trying several new recipes. Are you interested in more food related posts?


Lisa @ Elembee, Etc said...

That's a great attitude to have! It's hard to look for the small things to appreciate when you're feeling down. Love sfgirlbybay, especially her series where she plans out her dream homes if she lived somewhere else.

Laura said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough week!  Good for you for making the effort to cheer yourself up - sometimes that's a lot harder than it sounds.  Personally I would love to see your food posts, especially if you made some European recipes - and more delicious cake!

Little Red Purse said...

I hope you're feeling better! I love those interior pics and that hair style is beautiful!

xo L.

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

I am working on those food posts :) Yeah, you are right, sometimes getting yourself cheerful is easier said than done, but little tricks like this do help.

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