March 4, 2012

What I love right now No.4

This week the beginning of march has been omnipresent on a lot of blogs and I gotta say it also translated right into the weather. Just now the sun has finally come out again, it is nice and warm (double digits already!) and to top it off, it's the weekend. Even for me as I am currently having no strict daily routine, weekends stand for a bit of relaxing time. I took some time off yesterday to be totally by myself, enjoying the sun, the fresh air and collecting my thoughts. Sometimes I need some peace and quiet to just be on my own. It helps me reflect on the things happening in my life, sorting ideas and freshen up to start the next week and with that new things. Below are some things I enjoyed a lot during this last week and I wanted to share them.  

A new found favorite photographer - Debi Treloar - thanks to sfgirlbyday for pointing her out!!

Turquoise and gold - on nails, clothes, everywhere!

See my moodboard on Pinterest Turquoise and gold von aheartandsoulstory

These lovely pictures showing the new Tiffany & Co. collection Tiffany 1837 Collection in Rubedo over at From me to you Blog. The jewelry is so pretty, especially those necklaces. I am a huge fan of rose gold jewelry and these are no exception!

The dresses by Lace Affair are perfection and make me want to travel in time!


Amber said...

the lace affair dresses are so pretty.  

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