March 5, 2012

DIY - Chevron pictures

My apartment is slowly coming together. I've been decorating for the last two months and it looks a lot more like home. With a limited budget it all goes a little slowly, but steadily.

This week I decided to add a little color to one corner of my living room. I have been obsessed with chevron prints lately. I have seen it everywhere. Jess of Makeunder my Life has been known for her chevron obsession as well and when I saw her awesome DIY, I just had to try it.

Finished Project

What you will need:

empty canvas - in my case two 40x40 squares (each 3,95€)
about 100ml of acrylic paint - in my case leftover wall paint from my living room
masking tape
set square
chevron pattern print - I used the same one Jess used for her DIY


Mark the pattern on the canvas and add the masking tape to it. I considered the tip given by Jess to use a credit card to even out the edges of the masking tape so no paint can get under it.



Paint the free space of the canvas (don't forget the sides, as they will be visible when looking at the hanging picture from an angle) and let it dry for a bit. Take off the tape, but be careful. You gotta take it off when the paint is semi-dry, otherwise it could crack and peel off some of the paint as well. I also had the issue of uneven borders. I got an art scalpel from another DIY and used the tip to scratch the edges of color off a bit. It made a huge difference, but you need a calm hand and patience. Watch out for your eyeglasses (if you wear them) as those little flying paint pieces can stick to the glass.


The finished project is hanging over my vintage dresser in my living room. It is a great repetition of my wall paint and looks awesome! 


Doreen Westphal said...

Das sieht wirklich toll aus Anja - klasse Idee!!! Ich mag das Muster auch sehr gern. Für kleinere Deko-Projekte oder für deine Scrapbooks hätte ich auch Stoffpapier mit Chevron-Muster anzubieten ;-)Wenn du beim nächsten Bastelabend dabei bist, kann ich es dir gern mal mitbringen.

Hab einen schönen Tag!
LG Doreen

hannah @ The Braided Bandit said...

This looks amazing! I have a huge U.O. chevron rug in my room and it really pulls everything together! (its also my blog header haha!)  Happy monday :)
xo Hannah

Crystal said...

love the chevron wall art!!

Girl and Closet said...

I adore this print too, so cute!! And I love that you added these lovely prints to your space, great job! xo

meagan said...

I'm obsessed with chevron patterns too. These look gorgeous! Great job! Spunky Chateau)

Agnieszka Socha said...

These look really great :) I'm starting to like chevron patterns myself :D


Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Danke Danke!! Schaun wir mal beim nächsten Mal wie wir das verwerten können!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx so much! I love your rug, sooo pretty!!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx so much! Hope it was a bit of an inspiration!

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