March 11, 2012

What I love right now No.5

One of my dear friends has asked me to help her organize her wedding and I have been thrilled to start the planning process with her. I have been searching blogs for inspiration on decorations and other important things, just awesome. Only have to watch out a bit as she is not such a girly girl like I am. Hope that I will match her taste ;)

This dress, made by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, is just breath taking!

A Beautiful Mess dress

This green mood board by Igor over at the Happy Interior Blog has me craving for a green balcony. 

I can't wait for continuing warm weather so I can finally plant flowers and build my own little green oase. Who would have thought that I would grow into a plant lover. A couple of years ago cactuses had to live in desert surroundings as I never watered them. Now I even got an orchid and it still lives!! I just love the fresh smell of flowers (except the stinky ones). I am currently adoring my pink Hydrangea and hope it will survive until I can plant it outside!


This week, Mr.B. and I had our first dance lesson! We already "learned" the steps for 3 different dance - oh boy. So many steps to memorize, but it went rather well. We have been practicing every day since and even put in a little hip shake now :) 

While looking for the right shoes to wear for the class (Mr.B. has bought new leather shoes prior to the course as well), I figured that my only nice pair of nude heels is run down so badly, I just can't wair them anymore. Now I of course "need" a new pair :) The Zalando online shop is full of nice pairs and I cut it down to two. Which one should I get? Or should I order both and decide when I slip them on the first time? Decisions, decisions.

[photo source 1, 2]

Which ones would you get?

Hope you are having a great day! Happy Weekend!


Londonlastnight said...

Eine meiner besten Freundinnen hier in London heiratet auch nächstes Jahr, sind schon dick am vorbereiten - das wird sooo schön! Das Kleid find ich übrigens perfekt!

Last Night

Anne said...

ein rückenfreies Hochzeitskleid... du hast mich direkt animiert zum Heiraten! ;-) zumindest zum Träumen :-) Zum Tanzen würde ich dir Tanzschuhe eher empfehlen, wenn du deinen Knöcheln was Gutes tun möchtest. Im Internet gibts viele Shops mit Tanzschuhen auch in Nude! Viel Spaß beim Stöbern weiterhin und bis baaahaald

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