April 3, 2012

Back in time

A while ago, my friend C. and I decided to use the spring temperatures and did a little photo shoot. I really have been missing those, but in the cold winter weather sessions with several locations and/or a lot of different poses are tricky, as you never really survive more than 5min without a coat, scarf and gloves. This is our salute to spring and I wanted to kick start this season with a jump back in time.  



These past months, I haven't had a lot of chances to wear special outfits and my dresses have been feeling strongly neglected. I do think you don't need an occasion to wear a pretty outfit, though and therefore wore my favorite 50s dress (sans the petticoat though, didn't want to go totally overboard this time!).




What I wore

Dress: Ebay, altered by mom
Blouse & Earrings: Thrifted
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Scarf: Eronya
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda



Do you have a favorite decade you like to travel back to from time to time?


fashionforgiants said...

I love this look!  The color of the dress is perfect and I absolutely adore the cardigan over it.

Amber said...

This is a darling outfit,just perfect for Spring. 

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