April 22, 2012

Butterfly Sunday

Easter vacation is over, but Mr.B. and I decided that we want to get to know our city a bit more and so we decided to start making smaller trips over the weekends and explore small and big sights. To start, we visited the botanical gardens near my apartment. 


They are currently showing a butterfly exhibition where you can see dozens of different butterflies - small and big, colorful and camouflaged. It was a wonderful experience having those tiny and fragile creatures flying around in the greenhouse. Taking pictures was of course a must! 


I had a bit of trouble catching some of these fast little beauties on camera, but here are some shots from the day.



The flowers were wonderful as well and it was the perfect timing to try out my Easter present by Mr.B's mom - macro lenses for my camera!


Another little fellow that I met during the day :)


Happy Sunday!


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