May 22, 2012

Balloon life

This weekend was full of exciting events, one of them being the annual balloon festival in my home town. It was so nice that Mr.B. and I decided to spend Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon there. The biggest highlight was probably the glowing balloon show in the evening. We had one of the best spots and were able to spot how they filled the 18 big and small balloons and later let them glow. With some great background music, they performed a little light show and illuminated the cloudless night sky! What an amazing spectacle!





What I wore

Shirt & Cardigan: H&M
Bag & Jacket: Mr. & Lady Jeans
Pants: Long Fashion
Scarf: No name


Around the area, the organizers had built a wonderful little fair with a ferris weel and several other attractions. My favorite was the balloon carousel.  The chairoplane wasn't opened during the time we visited the festival, but Mr.B. promissed to take a ride with me on one during the next kermis (in two weeks!).


Which one is your favorite balloon!?


Amber said...

That is SO cool!  I love the penguin balloon best.  That must have been fun to see. 

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