May 10, 2012

Life is good ... sometimes!

Last week has been amazing - not just because we had a short week with lots of sun, but also because I got a ton of things done. Life can be good sometimes. 
Enter this week - the weather has been horrible until today, the workshop I helt last weekend had a little leftover gift for me, aka. the flu and I have been totally behind my ToDo list because of that. Well, I guess, life is only good sometimes and can be a total B.... the other times. I hope my health situation isn't ruining our weekend plans to visit another of Mr.B's favorite rallyes, but I will lay low for the next two days to make sure that I get back in shape! 


Till then I wanted to share some pictures from last week when all was still good and I had an amazing time with the horses that belong to Mr.B's neighbour! The look fitted really well to this weeks' Everybody Everywear

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear


It was extremely hot and I wanted to wear something flowy and fun. I ended up with a wonderful pallette of colors and felt ready for a horse ride or even a day trip on a boat!


What I wore

Cardigan, Ring, Shirt & Shoes: Thrifted
Pants & Scarf: H&M
Shades: C&A
Flower in my hair: Handpicked by Mr.B. :)




Amber said...

well you look lovely in these pics.  Hope you feel better soon!

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