May 12, 2012

An American Din(n)er

Last night, Mr.B. took me out for a date night. We first watched one round of the Sachsen Rallye with lots of sun (I even got a little tan) and later went for dinner at Lara's diner. 

Ever since my Au Pair year in New York City, I have been a huge fan of America and diners definitely belong to the true American culture. We recently saw an add for Lara's and just had to visit it. 



It's hidden a bit at the highway exit Stollberg East ( Autobahn 72) next to a gas station and a truck stop, which can be misleading. Therefore, it seemed like a local insiders' tip. During our stay it was already quite full and together with the outdoor area, the waiters seemed really busy. We still got our food after 20min and the nice drinks made the waiting really easy!


I definitely liked the flair of the restaurant - the furniture and decoration is kept in the traditional diner style. The menu is pretty stuffed and it takes some time to pick your food, but the selection is pretty awesome and I guess, every person can find something on the list. It's a pretty cool place for families, but also for young people and lonesome truckers! We will hopefully go back there soon - maybe for a Rockabilly photoshoot as well :)



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