May 13, 2012

What I love right now No.9

This week, I found some amazing inspiration and I wanted to share some of them with you. For example, I love these cherry blossom pictures over at FrlKlein! So pretty!

Happy Mother's Day !!

I have been thinking about getting a pet for a while now. I am more of a cat lover, but the rest of my closest family is all for a dog. Veronika over at Girl&Closet got such a cute little fellow - might just have to get one just like that :)

Girl & Closet 1

I am currently (I guess, I have been for years actually) coveting all things lace - dresses, skirts, blouses and I totally fell in love with Keiko's lace jacket. It's handmade and one of a kind, of course, so no chance for me to get one as well :(

Keiko's lace jacket

This is like the most amazing apartment ever! I could move in this second and would feel right at home! Thx to Victoria for sharing at her blog SFGirlbyday.

Happy Sunday!


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