June 12, 2012

Petrol love

Last week, while waiting for Mr.B prior to a little date night, I had some time and took a detour to the mall. When I saw this little petrol blouse it was instant love. My good friend J. has recently mentioned that when you go shopping there is a difference between flirting and falling in love with the clothes. I guess, I now understand her theory :) I just had to have this piece, even though I am currently saving up for our summer vacation coming up in the beginning of August.



I swear 5 minutes prior to this little photo shoot, it rained, it really did! When we made it outside for these pictures though, the sun was out again shining with all its' strength and I have to say that I was glad to get out of my wellies soon after. It currently feels more like April than June weather. But hey, I enjoy every day, no matter what!




What I wore

Blouse & Skirt: C&A
Jacket & Bracelet: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from a friend
Headband & Ring: H&M
Wellies: Ernsting's Family
Tights: Esda


This was my favorite shot of the day. How the light caught the leaves of this little daisy!?



Anja said...

 I can see why you fell for this blouse.  The color is just divine and it looks lovely on you.

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