June 23, 2012

What I love right now No. 14

While planning my friends' wedding, I started getting obsessed with vintage themed dessert tables and old fashioned lemonade stands. Especially for kids, drinking lemonade with a colorful straw, out of a fun glass is a perfect start for a long party evening. Nat over at I heart this blog shared this great picture and made me dream of the lemonade stand again!

These last weeks, we used the weekends and walked in my new hiking boots. I bought them for our summer vacation in Finland and for future hiking trips with Mr.B. and his family. I climbed my first bigger hill/small mountain last weekend and still managed to enjoy the nature and take some pictures.



hiking 1

Kayley of Sidewalk Ready has this amazing skirt and shared 3 ways how to style it for different stages in life! Well done post and such an amazing skirt with my favorite print and in my new favorite color mint!


This summer, I will attend several weddings and the question of what to wear has been creeping up in my mind. I love these black and white looks and the black, white and red mixes over at 100layer cake. Which is your favorite? Or any other ideas for a great outfit?

Happy Weekend!


Anja said...

I don’t know what to say (literally).. the
pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

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