June 17, 2012

What I love right now No.13

Do you know the situation when you really would like to get something and suddenly people everywhere seem to have it, but you still can't find the right version for yourself? This seems to be happening to me right now concerning the lace dress that I have been looking for. Sydney of the Daybook does not only have an adorable baby, but still looks awesome every day and she got this super pretty lace dress from Rebecca Minkoff!!!


And another one this week - Victoria of SFGirlbyday is just too amazing. This dresser would fit perfectly in my bedroom. One could have figured by now that I am a bit obsessed with her blog :)

Summer seems quite far away these days with this horrible April style weather. I would love to escape this rain for a bit and Frl.Klein makes me want to go to Amsterdam, even though the Netherlands is known for their rainy weather. But this chandelier in the middle of the street is too beautiful to miss out on!

Elsie took these amazing pictures of her sister Emma over at A Beautiful Mess and I was just smitten with the beauty and quality of these photos.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess

Happy Sunday!!


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