June 3, 2012

What I love right now No.11

This week has been full of things that had to be done. Still, I have neglected my ToDo list a bit and enjoyed the nice weather. 

I watched these cool fireworks from my balcony and played around with my camera a bit. Such a cool result!


My mother's garden is one of my favorite photography objects in Spring and Summer and I used last weekend to document her flowers and decorations.


May Flowers

Kayley over at Sidewalk Ready shared some pictures of her home -what a great look!

On a short trip to Mr.B's family, I had the chance to watch this little girl take her first steps outside. She was born only 4 days earlier and is such a beauty.



And on the paddock next door, I was able to capture even another new arrival. This little one is about 3 weeks old and still a bit shy.


Happy Weekend!


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